having the shape of a sphere or ball

a spherical object


nearly orbicular in shape


"little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey

Syn: ↑global, ↑globose, ↑globular, ↑orbicular, ↑spheric, ↑spherical
Similar to: ↑round, ↑circular
Derivationally related forms:
sphericalness (for: ↑spherical), ↑sphere (for: ↑spherical), ↑sphere (for: ↑spheric), ↑sphericity (for: ↑spheric), ↑globe (for: ↑globular), ↑globularness (for: ↑globular), ↑globosity (for: ↑globose), ↑globe (for: ↑global)

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